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Take a look at our brand new 2019 PC400 complete with GPS and front and rear cameras


Welcome to Proofcam

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Drivers are using ProofCam Dash Cams all over the UK!

We pride ourselves on producing high quality Dash Cams. All of our cameras record in HD and provide excellent footage both day and night. 

Dash Cams Are The Future

Imagine your entire journey being recorded in HD from start to finish. More and more drivers are now using Dash Cams to record their journeys and to protect themselves from no fault incidents. 

Real Dash Cam Footage

Watch this short clip to see the clarity and effectiveness of our dash cams.

Product Features

PC 400 Duo Plus DashCam (Includes Rear Camera And GPS Unit)
  • Recording

    Your Dash Cam will record onto a memory card  - and will use our "loop" recording technology, which means it will keep recording over and over..

  • Viewing your footage

    You can view your footage on the Dash Cam, or download the videos to your computer, from where it can be emailed to your insurance company or the authorities.

  • What's in the Box?

    Inside the box you will find the Dash Cam, a windscreen mount and a charging lead as well as a Quick Start Guide to get you up and running in minutes!

  • Video Quality

    Your Dash Cam will record in HD or Full HD quality - and our improved sensors enable recording day and night - giving you peace of mind whenever you are driving! 

Clear Night Vision

Number plates can clearly be identified even at night time as seen from this footage sent to us by one of our customers.


I am very happy with me PC106. Works very nicely and footage is more clear than i expected. Thanks again. 

Excellent Quality camera..Very impressed!

I never thought I would ever use a dashcam but it has really been of benefit to me over the past couple of years. Saved me a fortune!

I caught a serious road rage incident last July using this camera. It was used in court footage so glad I could help. Many thanks.

Decent camera, good quality and I like the way I don't need to do anything. Just switch on the engine and you are off!

Love the PC 400, got it with the rear camera also. Feel very safe!