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    ProofCam PC 105 Forward Facing HD Dash Cam

    With a sleek and compact design, the PC 105 is a forward facing entry-level dash cam designed to offer outstanding value for money, security and reassurance whilst driving during day or night. Suitable for any vehicle, it records in HD quality, ensuring that all the details of your journey are recorded and available in HD during playback. The PC105 is...

    ProofCam PC 106 Forward Facing HD Dash Cam

    Designed and tested by experts to give you added peace of mind on the road. Suitable for any vehicle, the PC 106 is easy to set-up and starts recording video in HD as soon as you turn your ignition on. Captures your journey day and night and gives you video evidence of any incidents. May also provide protection against fraudulent...

    ProofCam PC101 HD Dash Cam Video Recording Car Camera 2" LCD + 8GB MICRO SD

    Lightweight, compact and simple to use, the ProofCam PC 101 Dash Cam continuously records everything that happens during your journey. It is 2" equipped with a 1.0-megapixel lens and a large 2-inch LCD screen. A 110 degree wide-angle lens enables the dash cam to cover all of the road ahead. The dash cam is powered using the supplied charging cable which connects...

    ProofCam PC202 Full HD Dash Cam Video Recording Car Camera LCD + 8GB Micro SD

    Continuously capture everything that happens on your journey with the ProofCam PC202 Dash Cam. Suitable for any vehicle, this compact forward facing Dash Cam records in Full HD 1080p quality, ensuring that all the details of your drive are visible during playback day or night. The PC202 Dash Cam also takes still images, which could be useful in an accident...

    ProofCam Watchdog 01 Wifi Full HD mini Dash Cam In Car Camera 1080P + App

    The PCW1 is a state of the art Car Dash Cam that records in Full HD, and is fitted with built in Wi-Fi. This enables you to connect the PCW1 to your smartphone and download video files direct to your smartphone. You can also download files directly from the TF card to your computer without using the Wifi. The PCW1...