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How do I contact ProofCam?

You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram (simply search for 'ProofCam'), alternatively via email - customer@proofcam.com. We aim to reply within 24 hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.


Can you explain the relationship between ProofCam and the RAC?

ProofCam is the RAC’s trusted Dash Cam partner and is responsible for designing and producing the 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 07S Dash Cams for the RAC. Please do check our 'Finding a Camera for you' section http://proofcam.com/products.

We provide a specialist collection of Dash Cams, giving all the reliability and security that drivers come to expect from the RAC brand. The Dash Cam collection uses the latest technology to ensure simple, reliable recording and are officially endorsed by the RAC.


I have found that connecting the unit itself to my Windows 10 operating system, the computer fails to recognise it.

When connecting the camera to the computer, you need to use a USB lead, however the charger lead supplied with the camera is only designed for charging, and will not recognise the camera when plugged into the computer, other than for charging.


Do they come with an SD card included in the box?

Some of our Dash Cams come with an 8GB Micro SD card (earlier models may have a 4GB Micro SD card, please check with the retailer before you purchase).


Do the RAC Dash Cams work with SPECS (average speed measuring speed camera system)?

Our RAC 05 and 07S cameras recognise average speed cameras and will display your average speed whilst driving through them.


Can I protect my recording?

If an emergency was to take place you can press the emergency button, when pressed your Dash Cam protects the current recording segment and will not be overwritten whilst the camera continues recording. The file that has been protected will remain protected until such time as you delete it from the SD card.


Does the ProofCam operate well when recording in low-light environments?

ProofCam and RAC Dash Cams are designed to be used day and night, which of course includes low-light environments.


Can you record forward and rear view at the same time?

ProofCam and RAC Dash Cams are forward facing recording Dash Cams. There are a number of credible cameras that allow for forward and rear recordings at the same time.