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What's A Dash Cam


Why should people invest in a Dash Cam?
The road can be a dangerous place and accidents happen. In some cases, it is important to have evidence in order to settle disputes with third parties and insurance providers. Dash Cams give drivers the peace of mind that if an incident was to happen then they would be able to access footage. If an accident happens which is not your fault, but liability is in dispute, providing video evidence can resolve the situation in your favour.

Is it simple to install?
ProofCam and RAC Dash Cams are plug and play so you can set-up within 5 minutes. Reading the User Manual will provide you with more detailed set-up information but the idea is you have everything you need in the box.

How do Dash Cams work?
An in-car camera (or Dash Cam) is a type of video camera that is specifically designed with tailored features for recording continuous footage of the road ahead. Most of the time it is just a case of mounting the Dash Cam on your windscreen and wiring the cable to the cigarette lighter which takes minutes. Then when you turn on your vehicle ignition the Dash Cam starts recording your journey.

Can you fix the Dash Cam anywhere on your dashboard?
The RAC cameras are designed to be installed in a prominent position in your vehicle, so to capture a clear view of the road ahead. An ideal place to mount the device is behind the rearview mirror on the passenger's side. This places it in an elevated spot with a clear view of the road ahead whilst not being visible to the driver. If you’re in the UK, I would also suggest looking at the guidelines set out by The Ministry of Transport.

Roughly how many hours of recording does the Dash Cam hold?
As a guide, when recording in Full HD (02 camera), 8 minutes of video uses about 1GB on the SD card. That's over an hour of recording time. Increase the size of your SD card and your camera will film for longer. Our cameras also operate on a loop recording system, so when the free 8GB micro SD card we supply is full, the camera will overwrite the oldest recording and continue to record without the need to erase or download any data.

What sort of quality is the footage?
Dash Cams are HD, Full and Super HD in terms of recording quality so designed to provide high-quality footage of your drive wherever you drive. With a correctly mounted camera, there is no reason why it would not provide excellent footage of safe off-road driving. 

Does the Dash Cam record in the event of an accident and engine power loss?
The Dash Cam will record for a short period of time should the engine lose power. You can research further at www.policewitness.com, we are featured on the website as part of a mix of the best brands, our cameras have to go through a detailed road test. If you would like to see the road test reports please contact us.

In the case of a fire is the content still safe?
The video and photographs taken are stored on the 8GB Micro SD card provided in the camera box. The card and/or camera would need to be safely removed in the case of a fire. 

What happens if you get hit in the back or side, what sort of recording could you hope to obtain?
Almost all our cameras are forwarding facing and recording. The mounting cradle the camera comes with is 360 degrees rotating (except for the RAC 03) so you could change the position of your camera to face in a different direction but that is not really what it is designed for. However, RAC 235 comes with an additional camera that’s designed to be sticked to the rear window, which allows it to record what is happening in the back of your car.